Terms & Conditions

By selling your device/s to Money4Phones you are accepting to the Terms & Conditions outlined below. 

I agree to the following Terms & Conditions of money4phones:

1. Cash offer made by money4phones are for new devices. money4phones do not buy used, refurbished, stolen, fake, counterfeit or warranty replacement devices.

2. I am the sole and rightful owner of the device/s being sold to Money4Phones. 

3. Money4Phones will inspect the device prior to payment. 

4. Cash offer provided by Money4Phones are for Australian models.

5. I understand that if my device is an overseas model, Money4Phones may offer me a lesser value and I have the option to accept or reject the offer for the overseas model.

6. I will call Money4phones on the day of sale to confirm cash offer prior to coming into the store or posting the item/s on the day.

7. All device pricing offered by Money4Phones are inclusive of GST. 

8. If I elect to be paid by Bank Transfer: I will ensure that all payment information (PayPal Email Address, PayID, Account name, BSB and Account number) are correct. Money4Phones can not validate bank details provided by me and any error in the payment details provided by me may result in a loss of funds to me. Money4Phones is not liable for loss arising from any error in bank instructions provided by me.

9. The condition and model number of the device(s) that I have provided to Money4Phones are accurate. Money4Phones will not accept or buy any used devices, items wil be sent back to the seller.

10. Money4Phones is not liable for items that may be lost or damaged during transit by Australia Post. I will take out postage insurance with Australia Post if I choose to post my device.